Pro Gardening is a full-service garden and landscape

Pro Gardening is a full-service garden and landscape, our services are targeted to customers (domestic and industrial). We undertake small and large challenges so do not hesitate to call. We come to you and deal with even the smallest problem.Mowing lawns and cutting regularly. We giving advise how to take care for the whole year, so that they are in good condition. We install new lawns and eliminate problems that accompany them, including poor irrigation, moss, inadequate oxygenation and structure. We cut hedges and remove it along with the roots. Also advise which one would be right for you. Cut trees and remove infected branches. We clean your home, gutters, patio and driveway by vacuum exhaust washer. We will restore your patio or create them anew. If you do not want to make your garden look insignificant, we will offer a modern design with natural stone, etc. design for your pond, footbridge and fountain. We offer micro excavator 700 mm wide, which easily gets on the back of your garden side entrance. Please contact us in order to dispel any doubts. We invite you to cooperation.